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Beadsas.com Spamming CraigsList Users With BeNaughty.com

It looks like Beadsas.com is still spamming people from CraigsList ads. Now they are redirecting people to BeNaughty.com. BeNaughty.com is not responsible for the spam emails, they are relying on marketing partners to promote their website which in turn results in getting spam emails from shady online marketing companies such as the people who own Beadsas.com. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: BeNaughty Orgy Dating Community PromoPartner
  • Email Address: Adult_Dates_CL@beadsas.com
  • Scam Sites: Beadsas.com redirects to BeNaughty.com.

1st Scam Email

From: Adult_Dates_CL@beadsas.com
Subject: These women enjoy orgies
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but there is a dating community that is loaded with females that love orgies, group-sex, threesomes, and one-night-stands.

If you would like to meet some of these women to see if you would be interested in having an orgy, group-sex, threesome, or one-night-stand, then we can get you in contact with these women today.

Go here to contact women that enjoy sexual activities
http://beadsas.com/tr.php?185281+******@gmail.com redirects to BeNaughty.com

Get ready to meet and date some very attractive and sexy women that you will have a lot of fun with!

If you would like to not be contacted from us in the future please press on the link below:
http://beadsas.com/tr.php?185282+******@gmail.com redirects to BeNaughty.com

or write to:

6965 El Camino Real
Suite 105-698
La Costa, CA 92009

You will not get anymore of our emails if you go here:
and enter your email address (******@gmail.com)

or write to:

6965 El Camino Real
Suite 105-698
La Costa, CA 92009″

Owner Of Beadsas.com

  • Name: Al Lee
  • Phone: 1.858342739
  • Address:  1519 Vassar St.  Houston, TX 77006  US
  • Email: jadam.priv@gmail.com

Where To File Complaints

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