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Amorluv.com Spam Site Used To Redirect People To Cindymatches.com, Springswipe.com, Justmilfs.com, Snapcougars.com

Amorluv.com is the website we’ve come across numerous times over the years, written spam reports about them but they still haven’t shut down their website. In this spam report we’ve listed numerous new sites that they are linking two, all of which are fake dating sites that you should stay away from. Some of these sites include Cindymatches.com, Springswipe.com, Justmilfs.com, and Snapcougars.com. All of these sites are scams utilizing fake girls and all other types of lies. If you’re wondering why you personally got these emails it’s probably because you replied to a fake Craigslist personal ad and then the spammer who created that fake Craigslist ad got your email address and now they can email you garbage and scam emails anytime they want to. You can read the full spam report below

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Rose Smale
  • Email Addresses: members@amorluv.com
  • Scam sites: Amorluv.com redirects to Laroulette.me, Mapvk.eu, Cindymatches.com, Springswipe.com, Justmilfs.com, Snapcougars.com.

1st Email:

From: members@amorluv.com
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“If not… you gotta read what Emily has to say tonight :m

“This site is so good for hooking up with really hot people and it is very casual. I was really unsure when I first joined but I started chatting with guys straight away. They say this is the best site to find fun people and into sex. Who like chatting and sometimes more 😉 Find my on the site under EmilyOnline545.
I love to suck dick and lick big warm balls. I just get so excited…. please if you are ok with this hit me up and we can get to know each other a little better, kttyl oxox ”

> Click HERE if you want to join (https://amorluv.com/go/profiles/?k=JOpen620&em= redirects to https://laroulette.me, http://mapvk.eu, http://www.Springswipe.com/, and http://Cindymatches.com, and https://Justmilfs.com, and http://www.instantfuckbook.com, and https://www.snapcougars.com/)
There are many profiles online like Emily who what discreet encounters for pleasure.

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Or write us at Ave Costanera 10, La Paz, Bolivia”

Owner Of Amorluv.com

  • Name: 
  • Address: 800-625, avenue du President Kennedy Montreal QC H3A 1K2, CA
  • Phone: +34.915230818

Where To File Complaints

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