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Amolatina.com & AdvanceSpecials.com Working Together To Spam?

I have received emails from spammers promoting Russian Bride sites and now I am getting sites pulling the Latina angle.  AdvanceSpecials.com is simply a site that redirects people to Amolatina.com, when they click on the link. I am not sure if Amolatina.com is part of the spamming or if they hired a 3rd party marketing company to do online “promoting” for them. In any case it’s still spam and not worth wasting your time with. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Liza Gatti, Liza Brashear
  • Email Addresses: AmoLatina@advancespecials.com
  • Scam sites: AdvanceSpecials.com redirects to http://www.Amolatina.com

Scam Email:

From: AmoLatina@advancespecials.com
Subject: Spice Up Your Life with a New Romance!
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hello, The exotic woman of your dreams is just a click away at AmoLatina.

http://www.advancespecials.com/500AD4FDAC1746089F3DB66F835A94Cy228z redirects to http://www.Amolatina.com

Explore a radiant culture where thousands of sizzling hot Latin women
want to hear from you!

http://www.advancespecials.com/500AD4FDAC1746089F3DB66F3D8A94Cy229z redirects to http://www.Amolatina.com

See their Photos and Videos, Write Them, Call Them and Meet Them Now!
AmoLatina will roll your taco when you go 1 on 1 with your favorite
Latina in a private Live Chat session!

http://www.advancespecials.com/500AD4FDAC1746089F3DB66F3D35A98Cy230z redirects to http://www.Amolatina.com

Don’t think of what could be. Act now and find your hot new romance
at AmoLatina.com!

To unsubscribe: mailto:unsubscribe@amolatina.com
or send mail to:
40 High St Suite #1
Bangor, Maine 04401
Follow the link below and enter your email address to discontinue http://www.advancespecials.com/unsub.cgi?a=500AD4FDAC1746089F3DB66F3D35A84C

Click here to unsubscribe: http://milneral.com/unsub/?id=8xbdrbvb46m4ol-vym”

Owner Of AdvanceSpecials.com

  • Name: Pink Reef Media, LLC
  • Address: 4339 Hartley Bridge Rd  #170 Macon, GA 31216 US
  • Phone 1-478-787-0756
  • Email: pinkreef@aol.com

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