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AlexandraBroggm@yahoo.com Is Spamming CraigsList With FriendsWithBenifits.net

Some of the newer spam emails I have received have links to Tumblr.com in the spam emails. The reason spammers use Tumblr.com is because if you see a link from Tumblr.com you will trust it more since you know the site than just clicking some random link. Once you click the Tumblr link you are redirected to the real site in this case it’s FriendsWithBenifits.net. Read the full report below.

Quick Info On The Scammer

  • Name: Alexandra Brog
  • Email Addresses: AlexandraBroggm@yahoo.com, brandigoukerhn@yahoo.com (report this email for sending spam to Yahoo.com)
  • Scam Site: http://ydyofxxnchby.tumblr.com which redirects to FriendsWithBenifits.net/profile1038804.php?aff=394856 (Contact 1and1.com to report spam to their host 1and1.com)

Scam Email

From: AlexandraBroggm@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: trying to find a few great men – w4m – 22
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Hiya, I’m a nice lady interested in a guy to have a good time with. I dont want a long term relationships, just finished one one. I would like to spendtime together and findout what happens. Contact me on http://ydyofxxnchby.tumblr.com (FriendsWithBenifits.net/profile1038804.php?aff=394856) if you are intersted.  My pictures and phone number are on there.


Email #2

From: brandigoukerhn@yahoo.com
Subject: I am e mailing you back to your message to my listing at craigslist
To: myemailaddress@gmail.com

“Heya, I got your e-mail you sent to my craig’s list posting Sunday. I am certainly interested in meeting up. Maybe we could meet for dinner to findout if there’s any connection, and then simply findout where it leads from there. As my listing said, I am not looking for some thing with commitments, simply a good time without all of the drama.

I have got my pictures on http://hnjeuaofrrthsxf.tumblr.com (http://friendswithbenifits.net/member0991828.php?aff=18912) aswell as my phone number. Give me a call sometime soon, hoping to get together sometime this week.


Owner of FriendsWithBenifits.net

*note – The info for the domain name owner could be a fake name and address as well, but this is the public info available on FriendsWithBenifits.net.

  • Name: Dean Lapato
  • Address: 1714 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 USA
  • Email: DeanDLapato@gmail.com
  • Phone: 480-213-4125

Where To File Complaints

  1. Domain Registrar: Contact Enom.com or call (425) 274-4500 to report this domain for spam.
  2. Hosting companies: Contact Ripe.net or call 31 20 535 4444 or DMEHosting.com or call (602) 904-5538 to report that you have been receiving spam from FriendsWithBenifits.net.

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